Transaction Lifecycle Orchestration — manage loans, M&A, and real estate deals from origination to compliance, closing and portfolio management


Capcade is the next big advancement in transaction orchestration software.

We were spun out from an internal project of the Palmarium Group, a Swiss family office headquartered in Zurich. One of Palmarium’s founding principals, Raphael Auerbach, is also Capcade’s CEO.

Palmarium’s first-hand experience executing large real estate transactions, LBOs, bond…

Capcade recently launched Private Spaces — enabling our clients to create secure environments to open data rooms, create private marketplaces and work on transactions.

The Private Space owner can invite organizations or individual users to collaborate inside.

Below we cover the quick and easy steps to accepting an invite to…


We are thrilled to announce Private Spaces on Capcade.

A private space is an area in which you can invite other organizations to privately and securely originate, close and execute transactions.

The same core features of Capcade remain, users can create transactions, open VDRs, negotiate and close deals.

However, with…

Getting Started

A virtual data room is a great tool to leverage when evaluating deals, executing transactions or managing a portfolio.

To create your free virtual data room (VDR) on Capcade simply apply for early access and register.

Registration is super easy and takes less than 60 seconds, but a walkthrough can…

Welcome to Capcade

We built Capcade to be powerful yet intuitive and user friendly.

Below we will walkthrough some key features as you leverage Capcade for your business.

Schedule a demo or email at us with any questions, feedback or features requests!


We built Capcade to alleviate pain points we have experienced ourselves as a principal in complex financial transactions — you can read more about our origin story here.

But our elevator pitch is this — during financial transactions most of the workflows, tools, and communication channels are unorganized. We set…

Capcade Inc.

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