5 Benefits of using Capcade’s free virtual data room (VDR)

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4 min readNov 5, 2020
Complexity doesn’t have to be chaotic (even in finance)

Capcade provides software infrastructure to investment funds, family offices, banks, asset managers, and anyone else who partakes in portfolio management, real estate sales and purchases, refinancings, M&A, or other complex financial transactions — a full breakdown of Capcade’s core features can be found here or at Capcade.com

Some of our core features include a term sheet builder, marketplace, portfolio management, and on-platform negotiations. Below we’ll discuss Capcade’s virtual data room (VDR) and how you can leverage it for your business, for free!

Simply put a data room is a secure place where you can store, organize, and share documents, here are 5 reasons why your organization can benefit from using Capcade’s VDR.

1. Save Time

Illustration by Jack Butcher from his book Build Once, Sell Twice

A data room enables you to set up one place where multiple parties can access your information rather than managing documents and stakeholders manually.

Just like software’s adage of “build once, sell twice” a data room allows you to organize your files once and then grant access to whomever you want to share your documents with.

This is especially important when you’re in the transaction process and have multiple parties to manage.

2. Keep your Data Secure

example of Capcade’s VDR document viewer with watermark and timestamp

Data Rooms also keep sensitive documents safe and provide a much better alternative to email.

Not only are the files securely stored (the Capcade platform and storage partners have world-class level certifications including ISO 27001, 27017, 3011, HIPPA, FedRAMP etc.), a detailed audit log tracks exactly who is viewing files in your VDR and that audit trail is logged on a Blockchain.

In addition, watermarks indicating the viewer and timestamp are automatically generated, ensuring that even if you have someone who acts in bad faith and tries to leak information, the document itself is automatically traceable to the responsible party.

3. Stay Organized

Capcade’s easy to use, drag-and-drop folder structure

One of the most challenging aspects of any complex financing is managing the documentation, not only how to structure your documents but making sure the right parties (be them internal or external) have access to the relevant files.

Our VDR uses an intuitive folder structure that allows you to drag-and-drop files, bulk upload folders with existing tree structures intact, and manage access rights on the folder or file level.

4. A Single Source of Truth

Keep your files organized on Capacde’s VDR

Avoid file names like 201114-Q3BalanceSheet_v12_auditcopy.xls and 201115-Q3BalanceSheet_v13_taxreview.xls. Nobody wants that.

A VDR enables your team to work together in a centralized location so versions can be tamed a single source of truth can be maintained for everyone’s sanity.

5. Save Money

Capcade’s free VDR

For organizations dealing with financial transactions, Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) offer a lot of value for all the reasons we discussed above. And there are plenty of good providers out in the market, but unlike stand-alone VDR providers, Capcade’s VDR sits inside a larger ecosystem that includes a request wizard, negotiation, reporting, analytics, etc.

So we are offering our VDR service for free, for life. No strings attached. Capcade’s proposition is a simple and transparent one, once you see how easy it is to use our VDR, you’ll be interested in the other features we offer.

But again, you can use our VDR service for your transactions, due diligence, or your portfolio for free, for life, with no further commitments required.

Contact us at sales@capcade.com or capcade.com to sign up.



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