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2 min readAug 11, 2021


Now users have the ability to create their own invite-only space to manage deals on Capcade


We are thrilled to announce Private Spaces on Capcade.

A private space is an area in which you can invite other organizations to privately and securely originate, close and execute transactions.

The same core features of Capcade remain, users can create transactions, open VDRs, negotiate and close deals.

However, with a private space, those deals occur on your own invitation-only forum — this is akin to your own white label platform as you can also upload your own branding — in app and on email communications.

Setting up your Private Space

You can control how your private space appears to users thanks to custom branding

Before you invite organizations to your private space, setting it up is easy.

  1. Go to Organization on the left sidebar
  2. Select Settings
  3. Scroll down to upload your logo(s) for branding throughout the platform and on outgoing emails

Inviting to your Private Space

You can invite organizations to Capcade’s curated platform or your own private space

Once you are ready to invite organizations to your private space, it only takes a few clicks.

  1. Go to Contacts on the left sidebar
  2. Select Invitations
  3. Click the Invite Organization button
  4. Here you can choose to either invite the organization(s) to Capcade’s curated platform or exclusively to your private space

Accepting a Private Space invite

When you send out a private space invite, a registration link will be sent via email

When the connection who you wish to invite to your private space receives the invite email, it only takes 2 minutes to complete registration.

  1. Click the Accept Invitation button
  2. On the landing page, select one or more items that best describes the expected activities in the private space
  3. Enter the relevant organization name, user details and click the Submit Registration button

And that’s it! After the quick registration is complete the invited organization(s) can now transact with you in a private space.

To learn more, visit, email us at or schedule a demo!



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