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Capcade Inc.
3 min readNov 5, 2020
Capcade streamlines the financing process


Capcade is the next big advancement in transaction orchestration software.

We were spun out from an internal project of the Palmarium Group, a Swiss family office headquartered in Zurich. One of Palmarium’s founding principals, Raphael Auerbach, is also Capcade’s CEO.

Palmarium’s first-hand experience executing large real estate transactions, LBOs, bond issuances, and a wide range of financial transactions was the inspiration to develop Capcade.

During these complex transactions, much of the process is scattershot so we wanted to alleviate the pain points by creating a reliable, secure workflow.

When managing a transaction, a virtual data room (VDR) is helpful to organize and share documents but can often become expensive and is not connected to the term sheet or negotiations.

Inevitably there is a multitude of email threads happening between the various principles and service providers (i.e. lawyers, tax specialists, M&A advisors, etc.).

Long story short, the fees and man-hours associated with closing these transactions can spiral out of control.

Our mission was to create an easy to use software that streamlines the process, saving time, money, and headache.

The Capcade Solution

A sample project on Capcade

Capcade’s mission is to provide an ecosystem for transaction arranging, closing, and administration.

We have created a place where all the relevant stakeholders can interact and work towards a successfully executed transaction, all the while with proper security and access management layered throughout.

The data room, marketplace, negotiation, team management, and access requests are all fully integrated into one seamless solution.

Sample Workflow

An example of how you can easily manage your team on Capcade

To give some context, here’s an example of how a project can be managed on Capcade:

  1. Register your organization — Capcade is invite-only and all parties go through quality control and KYC/AML processes
  2. Invite your colleagues — you can also assign different team members different responsibilities and permissions
  3. Enter project details — Capcade has a request and portfolio item wizard that enables you to easily fill out the relevant details — for all intents and purposes, a term sheet builder
  4. Create a data room — within 5 minutes you can have a well-structured VDR setup that is organized and ready to share
  5. Invite counterparties — you can do this by securely and confidently listing the project in our curated marketplace or by directly inviting principals or service providers you work with directly
  6. Manage Permissions — documents and offering documents can be shared to the file and page level with one, easy to use matrix
  7. Negotiate terms — for financings (or re-financings) the principles can negotiate terms directly on the Capcade platform
  8. Close the deal — term sheets, offers, and contracts can be electronically signed and recorded on Blockchain
  9. Manage post-closing admin, reporting, and compliance — Capcade’s same VDR can be linked with reporting functions to enable direct uploads for compliance materials and automatic compliance checks

Launch and Roadmap

Capcade is currently in private beta and will be launching at the start of 2021.

Features that we have in development include AI document analysis, portfolio management, advanced analytics, and a legal document builder.

To request early access, contact us at or

Thanks for reading and we’ll be updating this space with our latest developments!



Capcade Inc.

Transaction Lifecycle Orchestration — manage loans, M&A, and real estate deals from origination to compliance, closing and portfolio management