Introducing Capcade

Capcade streamlines the financing process


The Capcade Solution

A sample project on Capcade

Sample Workflow

An example of how you can easily manage your team on Capcade
  1. Register your organization — Capcade is invite-only and all parties go through quality control and KYC/AML processes
  2. Invite your colleagues — you can also assign different team members different responsibilities and permissions
  3. Enter project details — Capcade has a request and portfolio item wizard that enables you to easily fill out the relevant details — for all intents and purposes, a term sheet builder
  4. Create a data room — within 5 minutes you can have a well-structured VDR setup that is organized and ready to share
  5. Invite counterparties — you can do this by securely and confidently listing the project in our curated marketplace or by directly inviting principals or service providers you work with directly
  6. Manage Permissions — documents and offering documents can be shared to the file and page level with one, easy to use matrix
  7. Negotiate terms — for financings (or re-financings) the principles can negotiate terms directly on the Capcade platform
  8. Close the deal — term sheets, offers, and contracts can be electronically signed and recorded on Blockchain
  9. Manage post-closing admin, reporting, and compliance — Capcade’s same VDR can be linked with reporting functions to enable direct uploads for compliance materials and automatic compliance checks

Launch and Roadmap



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Capcade Inc.

Transaction Lifecycle Orchestration — manage loans, M&A, and real estate deals from origination to compliance, closing and portfolio management