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4 min readMar 31, 2021
Creating a VDR on is free and easy — you don’t even need a second screen

Getting Started

A virtual data room is a great tool to leverage when evaluating deals, executing transactions or managing a portfolio.

To create your free virtual data room (VDR) on Capcade simply apply for early access and register.

Registration is super easy and takes less than 60 seconds, but a walkthrough can be found here.

To skip the line for early access, just fill out this quick survey — it’s also super easy, but don’t take our word for it, Typeform verifies it only takes 2 min :)

Opening a VDR

Your VDRs on Capcade are segmented by the ones you control and the ones you’re invited to

Once you are set up on Capcade, you can open your first VDR.

A walkthrough for setting up your organization and team members can be found here.

You can use Capcade with just one user or a whole team of internal users, advisors and counterparties. To learn more you can read about our core features or the walkthrough mentioned above, or better yet, schedule a demo.

But let’s dive in to see how we can open a VDR.

  1. Select VDR on the left sidebar
  2. On the tab that says {your company’s} VDRs click the create VDR button
  3. Give the VDR a name and description (if needed)

Uploading Files

Uploading files and folder is easy

Populating your VDR is easy.

Select the upload button or simply drag and drop files or folders into the VDR.

Folders that are uploaded will maintain their tree structure so you can organize your files on your local computer first and upload a batch or organize the files and folders once they are inside the VDR.

Managing Access

After your VDR is open, you can invite internal colleagues or external parties to the data room to either help you organize the VDR or review documents.

To grant access only takes a few steps:

  1. Select the Access Management tab (in between Data room and Audit log)
  2. Select the Add Users/Counterparties button
  3. Type the name of the colleague or internal group you want to invite
  4. Type the name of the external party that you want to invite
  5. Click Add

Please note that anybody you want to add on your VDR needs to be registered on Capcade. But they will go through the same free and easy registration process you have.

To invite a colleague to your organization, simply go to the organization section and select Users > Invite User.

To invite an external organization, simply share this registration link.

Anytime you invite an organization to Capcade, they will skip the line for access for a free account and you will get upgraded to premium features.

To learn more you can schedule a time to talk.

Managing Visibility

File permissions can be managed in one easy view

Once you have colleagues and external parties in the VDR you can now set their document permissions.

Important note: document visibility is always off by default.

This is to ensure there’s no accidental data leakage so you have to actively enable viewing rights for relevant files and folders once someone has entered your VDR.

To control file visible simply click the Document Permissions button.

This will bring up a permissions matrix (as pictured above). From here you can control the access level for colleagues, groups or external users on both a file and folder level. To access individual files inside a folder, simply click the folder to expand the view.

There are 4 levels of access:

  1. No access
  2. View only
  3. Download and print
  4. Allow edit

The levels are pretty self explanatory.

Edit rights is a good choice for a colleague or advisor who can manage a section (or the entire VDR) for you.

Advanced Features

You can link an interactive offering document with a Capcade VDR

Capcade also offers advanced features you can use like file tagging, linking your VDR to a specific transaction or portfolio item or connecting a file in the VDR to an interactive offering document.

To learn more about advanced features, security specs, or the included the audit log, schedule a demo or visit



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