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2 min readAug 22, 2021
A Capcade private space creates a secure and collaborative environment

Capcade recently launched Private Spaces — enabling our clients to create secure environments to open data rooms, create private marketplaces and work on transactions.

The Private Space owner can invite organizations or individual users to collaborate inside.

Below we cover the quick and easy steps to accepting an invite to a Private Space.

a private space invite email

Accepting the Invite

When getting invited to a private space you will first receive an email with the name of the user and organization that is inviting you.

Simply click the button to come to a 30 second registration page you see below.

there’s only a few clicks to accept a private space invite

Setting up your Organization

After a quick review from the admin of the owner of the Private Space you will be granted access and your organization will be live on the platform.

To get started, we recommend a few optional but helpful setup steps.

  1. Upload your organization logo {Organization ⇢ Settings}
  2. Upload your profile picture {User profile icon in lower left ⇢ User profile ⇢ Update picture}
  3. Invite users and set up groups if necessary — we wrote up a comprehensive explanation in our Capcade Walkthrough
Setting up logos and profile pictures are easy

Diving into a transaction

Almost certainly the private space owner will also have an invite waiting for you to enter a data room, transaction or private marketplace.

Invite notifications will be sent in-app and via email.

After accepting you will be granted access to the owned resource and you can start collaborating with the private space owner.

when getting invited to a VDR, marketplace or transaction you’ll get notified in app and via email

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